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The Best Paint Colors for Your Kids Room

No beauty without color. Color has a great importance in the children’s wonderland. From bedrooms to children playroom, there are endless options when you think of designing your child’s favorite space.

If you paint their room with a dynamic kid friendly paint color schemes it would be a lot fun because you are not only adorning the look of room but also creating a perfect place for them to sleep, play and have fun with their siblings/friends.

As color is the most emotional and compelling element in any of the kids room setting, it brings inspiration, excitement, and healing power. It’s true in the case of children who are extra sensitive to color’s impact on their mind. Therefore, before painting any room do some research for your children bedroom paint ideas.  

Whether you have a boy or a girl, always choose the children bedroom color schemes that makes them feel comfortable, energetic and act as a harmonious decor for his/her overall development.

Well, after getting some boys and girls room paint ideas, call in the professional painters on Cape Cod. They will tell you what is the best color to paint a child’s room? What is the cool room color for guys and what is the boys/girls favorite in trend color?

Let’s put our minds together and see what colors we can choose to make our children life better, healthier and joyful.

Cerulean Blue

Baby blue is just for the babies irrespective of whether it’s a baby boy or a baby girl. If you go with this rich dark blue shade, then you are making your child cheerful. This color decrease the feeling of anxiety, aggression and lowers the heart rate. It is the best room paint idea for the children who experience hissy fits or facing other behavioral problems.

Cyan Yellow

This sunshine color is not used for babies less than 1 years age as it makes the child cry and irritable. However, for older kids, you can select this color for wall art with a fact that this can bring more concentration and energy in them to get their homework done on time. It is also found that brighter shades of yellow have a positive impact on child’s memory. Above that this color brings happiness and cheerfulness in children’s life. So how much this color can be beneficial to you?

Egg Shell White Shade

Sometimes pure white color seems austere to the children and even adults. Therefore, it is recommended to warm up the space with eggshell shade by adding some contrast with antique decor pieces.


We are sure if you paint the walls like a black board, you’ll find your children drawing over the walls. They might draw alien characters that fills you with emotions and embrace the child small hands drawing, lines and unusual sketches.

Mellow Aqua

This shade of blue is the most versatile choice of every parent. This color works well with almost every other color, furniture and other accessories in the room. It goes good in combination with pink, green or yellow.

Classic Beige

This classic sand color is neutral enough to work over several years. Instead, it acts as a foundation for the detailed changes in child behavior that will help you learn about their personal style statement.

Pale Green

The brightness of pale green color gives a room bigger look. And addition of natural sunlight through windows make it more calming and soothing to the eyes. It is also found that child reading speed and comprehension is improved if the walls of the kid room are painted green.

Lilac Purple

Child room wall painting is incomplete without use of Lilac, a particular shade of purple. This color gives a seriously sophisticated feeling to one who visits the room. This color is associated with royalty, ambitiousness and self-assurance. It’s the color of passion, creativity and spirituality. Hence, this color of royalty can be used in lavender, lilac or periwinkle shades for kids’ rooms walls or accent walls.

Two-toned Sky Blue

It is one of the favorite child room paint ideas that every painter, designers recommends to his clients. It gives the room a relaxing vibe that will help your child to fall asleep by their bedtime.

Bright Pink

Despite the fact that pink is symbiotic typically to the girls, it has calming effect that has an equal impact on both baby boy or a baby girl. Such energetic colors can be used paint colors for kids’ rooms in the form of wall art and frames.  

Warm Colors

Parents looking for warm paint colors for kids’ room can never go with earthy tones (dark chocolate, shades of brown and light cream). These types of colors inspire happiness, comfort and hospitality in children and even adult ones. But this does not mean you stay limited to tan and brown. You can also use daring shades and brighter paint colors for young children.

Clouded Grey

It is most often observed that parents do not go for grey color for their kids’ room as it is associated with gloom. However, modern proficient designers make a clever use of this color by adding bright splashes of color using various accessories. If mixed with other colors like gold, silver, buttermilk, cream or platinum, it will give a vibrant look to the room.

Radiant Orange

Unfortunately, orange is being underused color in the paint bedeck. Despite its less use, it is a warm, friendly, and youthful color for children room that encourages independence and confidence in them. Thus, inspiring cooperation and communication among kids in one room.

After reading this entire article, you must be sure of what is the best color to paint a child’s room? Select any of the above paint color ideas, hire painters on Cape Cod and after completing the project, share your child’s room pictures and more kids room painting ideas in the comment box below.

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