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Teeth Sensitivity explained by Emergency Dentist for Kids

Like every other part of their body; the teeth are extra sensitive as they the most exposed part of the mouth. The emergency dentist for kids has done research on the topic of sensitivity that occurs in children and has concluded that there are many reasons that contribute to this uneasy sensation.

When children are little they are very fragile and can easily fall ill or damage any part of their body. As parents, you must have taken your child to the E.R. multiple times because either they have fallen down the stairs or had an injury while playing sports. Why don’t adults get seriously injured? Why they only suffer minor bruises? One reason is that the body of adults has fully developed but children are still undergoing that process.

Symptoms of Sensitivity by Emergency Dentist for Kids:

Children that are very young are unable to tell about various symptoms that other experience and inform their parents. The kids that reach the age of 5 are totally aware of the pain, tingling sensation, irritation or the feeling of unease that they feel in the teeth and gums. Your child can complain about the following experiences;

Feel too hot or cold:

Kids are a big fan of various types of drinks whether hot or cold. When they drink it if their teeth have sensitivity then this feeling is 10 times stronger than usual. Sometimes room temperature beverages and food can be extremely painful.

Sharp Sensation when Eat Sweets:

Even eating sweets can cause irritation and uneasy in the teeth. Children love to eat sweets in all forms, they don’t care whether it has a good or bad taste; they just want it in any case. But when the teeth are suffering from sensitivity sweet becomes a bitter experience.

Agony during Oral Routines:

When they are practising their daily oral routines like; brushing and flossing, the children tell about agony they feel in their teeth and gums. Even when they are rinsing their mouths with simple tap water they feel extreme pain.

Main Causes of Sensitivity:

The causes of sensitivity are different in children and adults. In adults and old people the age is a big contributing factor. But reasons are distinct in the kids as they have very different habits. Children are restless and want to have conclusions at the spot so whatever they do is swift whereas, adults are patients to see the results.

Brushing too hard:

Kids are not experienced on how to brush their teeth properly. They forget the way you have taught them to use the brush, so they can rigorously move the brush in the wrong direction. They think that brushing hard with make their teeth shine more but in reality, it wears off the enamel on it.

Using hard Bristles:

Hard bristles of the brush are harmful not only for the children but also for adults. Adults can be careful and brush softly but for kids, this is harmful as it can damage the gums making the teeth lose their grip and fall off which makes the nerves to reveal themselves.

Eating Unhealthy Food:

Almost all children love to eat sweets, candies, chocolate and drink sugary drinks and this lead to the development of plaque on the teeth which results in cavities. These cavities create sensitivity; the sensation of feeling of hotter and colder than normal when they eat or drink something.

Sinuses also a Cause:

You must be thinking that sinuses are a problem faced by adults but it is also common in children as well. When the cold gets severe it blocks the nasal cavity building pressure causing pain in the teeth that are closer to the nose.

Metal Fillings:

Having your teeth filling is not a big thing but if the filling is wrongly put in. The filling can break if it has not been properly fixed in it could come out of the cracks leaving space for the bacteria to grow in it. This is caused by the change in temperature whenever it is cold or hot.

Damaged Teeth:

Many reasons are there as to why teeth get damages even if you take care of it. A few of those causes are voluntary or involuntary grinding the teeth, chipped or cracked teeth if you had a treatment done on teeth or improperly losing baby teeth.

What Remedies to Take?

When do you know that your child is having a sensitivity problem then what you will do? There are several remedies and treatments that you can have for your child. These have been suggested by an emergency dentist for kids just for the parents who worry for their kids.

  1. Select a brush with soft bristles because the mouth of the child is sensitive and anything that is hard can damage the inner part of the mouth.
  2. There are many kinds of toothpaste in the market that has fluoride in it, so you can choose the one which you think can benefit the most. But be careful not to apply too much paste on the brush, just the amount that is advised.
  3. Intake of food that is healthy and is helpful in reducing sensitivity.
  4. Get proper dental treatment from a renowned pediatric dentist. Don’t try to use DIYs to cure it for the time being.

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